Case Studies

VC Metal Fabrications boasted with many years of experience when it started out. But working with customers has expanded this even more as the company continuously needs to adapt to new designs, create new parts and test everything until the final product can be assembled. To make this a smoother process, it communicates extensively with the customers beforehand, especially as many of them are ISO orientated.

Any demands that cannot be worked out on paper, are tackled by the professional workforce on the production floor until trouble-shooting takes care of each and every challenge. Many standards are at play, so the company has to be creative within the ranges set by the industry and law. New machinery and technology have widened VC Metal Fabrications' expertise and its aim to save money for clients has translated into a more adaptable, efficient and pro-active production process.

Case Study:
Corrugation Press and Auto Line Welding Machine

One thing that VC Metal Fabrications clearly understood is that customers were paying too much to import Corrugated Radiator Fins from overseas, especially where relatively small orders were concerned. Therefore we consulted with various customers and obtained their support to import a Corrugation Press and Auto Line Welding Machine for the production of these fins in 2008.

The result? A much simpler, cheaper and convenient transaction for the customers. Not only are the final products submitted to stringent in-house quality controls, but also quickly delivered to the clients’ doorstep.

Case Study:
Tube Radiators

As the manufacture of these radiators is time-consuming, VC Metal Fabrications saw a gap in the market to produce more Tube Radiators more efficiently. We adapted the way cranes are used and, instead of having one production line, we have constructed two lines leading to the centre, thus increasing the production output. This is one of our benchmark, and still one of our most popular, products.

Case Study:
Mini Subs (Housings)

Given its workforce’s previous experience, VC Metal Fabrications has manufactured top-quality Encasings for Mini Electrical Substations since day 1 – from the first to last step. Clients’ satisfaction is the most important driving force, thus VC Metal Fabrications has always engaged with them to help develop any new drawing specifications. We assist the clients’ Research & Development by making prototypes to perfect the design until everyone is happy.

As VC Metal Fabrications is prepared to go the extra mile, the encasings are better priced and of a better quality. The smaller production team also means that we are much more dedicated, which has resulted in a higher production rate.