Products & Services

VC Metal Fabrications specialises in CNC Punching, CNC Bending as well as the manufacture of Tube and Oil Radiator Corrugated Fins.

Although our main focus is on manufacturing encasings for mini electrical substations. We have also successfully produced metal safes, tables, boxes, satellite dish arms and metal palettes.

Our manufacturing plant only uses graded mild steel and stainless steel (from 0,5mm up to 8mm thick and 6m in size) that we source from trusted suppliers.

Not only must quality certificates accompany all deliveries, but we also perform very stringent quality checks on the material. The galvanising and epoxy powder coating are outsourced to reliable partners, and we have a strict quality control procedure to inspect the final finishes.

Laser Cutting

VC Metal Fabrication Laser Department started its operations in June 2012 with the objective to enhance our customer satisfaction through quality and service. Laser cutting is a specialized job shop providing precision laser cutting of various metal to expand our cutting facilities. Lasers speed, accuracy and high repeatability and no tooling and minimum setup time, allows for intricate cutting and close nesting for better material usage. Our state-of-the-art machine ensures quick and cost effective turnaround with the latest CAD and Sigma Nest software. From design drawings we can laser cut components in a fraction of the time it takes with other cutting methods.

CNC Punching

State-of-the-art machines punch and cut metal plates to the desired shape.
AutoCAD and NcCAD software is utilised to place the electronic design plans on the plates outlines, adapting to whichever requirement the client might have. Via Computer Numerical Control (CNC) this is then transferred to our fully automated multiple punching and forming machines (Trumatic 260 and Trumatic 500), where tool steel bits (up to 60mm wide) and blades punch and cut the plate to the exact dimensions

CNC Bending

Heavy-duty machines bend metal plates to the required form.
Three presses that exert up to 120tons of pressure, bend the plates (from 0,09mm up to 8mm thick and 3m in size) to the required angle. A qualified technician programs the machines according to the clients technical drawings, whereafter the metal plates are fed into it.

Tube Cutters and Metal Guillotine

Where needed in the products we cut tubes (up to 400mm in diameter and any length), while a Metal Guillotine is used for less-complicated metal plate cuts.


Done with the most advanced technology available, to ensure top-quality welds.
VC Metal Fabrications offers clients specialised MIG, TIG and Arc welding, performed by a dedicated team of welders. MIG and TIG welding combines inert gas and continuous wire-feed fusion to create continuous, smooth welds and thus a much stronger and better quality product.

Corrugation Press and Auto Welding Line Machine

For the production of Corrugated Radiator Fins, a wind-powered cooling system for radiators.
Metal rolls (1,2mm thick and up to 1,1m wide) are fed into our specialised machinery where it is folded and welded automatically, according to the clients design. The end result is submitted to quality checks during which flaw and crack detectors are used. Once touched up, smoothed out and cleaned, the product is again inspected.

Oil Tube Radiators

An oil-filled cooling system for radiators.
A dedicated VC Metal Fabrications team cuts the graded pipes and metal (both first checked for quality) to the desired lengths, before it is welded and assembled according to the specifications. The single and double layer radiators are placed in water to spot any possible leakages, before being touched up, cleaned and once more submitted to a quality check.