About Us

VC Metal Fabrications is a young, dynamic and proven company that specialises in CNC Punching, CNC Bending and the manufacture of Encasings for Mini Electrical Substations.

When Valentino Adams set it up in 2007, his major client, Powertech Transformers, guaranteed the necessary contracts to get him on his feet.
In recognition of his 15 years experience and skills as a production manager of quality metal products, the bank made the required capital available and another client, Electro Inductive Industries, gave further support.
We wanted to be a force to be reckoned with, says Valentino of this BEE-compliant company.
And the only way to achieve it, is to stick to what we know best: steel. Add excellent teamwork to this and you can accomplish everything.
Within two years VC Metal Fabrications grew, turnover increased and the devoted workforce was enlarged to 50 people - solid proof that the discerning South African and international clientele is very pleased.

Competitive pricing, precision equipment, good service, speedy after-service and continuous quality controls, combined with an innovative approach to clients' needs and a commitment to deadlines, set our services and products apart.

And it is the recognition that we get from within the industry that really shows to what extent VC Metal Fabrications lives up to its ideals. Soon we will need to expand our premises, a sure sign that we are only getting bigger and better.